Jenna reviews Planet Zogg @ The Plug, 12th July 2008

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Planet Zogg @ The Plug, 12th July 2008


Acclaimed as being the best and one of the only monthly psy trance nights in all of Yorkshire it was no surprise to find Sheffield based Planet Zogg absolutely packed on Saturday night as it rolled into The Plug for Planet Zogg’s widely advertised free party. Party goers from all over the North began making their way through the doors at 11pm for what was promised to be a very wild night. It would be an understatement to say that Planet Zogg lived up to all expectations.

For those who have been to The Plug before, it is normally a standard venue. However Zogg changed all that. With huge flashing smiley faces and stars hanging from the ceiling, a whole lot of smoke machines, an intense light show, and crazy visualizations provided by Jedi & kaBoom there was much to look at, and that’s before you even looked at what was going on onstage.

To go along with resident DJ’s Dil & Greg Zogg, regular DJ’s Orange Source and aNTAcid, as well as guests Dogwash, Planet Zogg provided a host of entertainers to feast one’s eyes on. Belly dancing tends to be slightly hypnotic in the first place, but have you ever seen 4 girls in full costume belly dance to psy trance? They were defiantly the crowd pleasers of the night and it was the only point in the night when you saw anyone in the crowd stand still.

As an added treat if you chose to journey out of The Plug’s live room to the earth room you were greeted by Na Zdrove’s feisty mix of Balkan ska and gypsy punk. Pumping out tunes such as Start wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello it was exactly what it said it was going to be and provided a completely different yet equally high energy environment to party in.

If psy trance and techno is your thing then Planet Zogg is not to be missed and the next one is sure to be even bigger and better. As Zogg nears its eight year anniversary in September they are promising to throw a birthday party that will propel Planet Zogg into a sure future. Check out for the details as they unfold to be sure that you join them next time in the land of Zogg.

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