Jenna reviews The Legend of The 7 Black Tentacles + Hey Sholay @ The Boardwalk, 10th July 2008

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The Legend of The 7 Black Tentacles + Hey Sholay @ The Boardwalk, 10th July 2008


It’s a Thursday night and with loads kicking off all over Sheffield it was surprising to find The Boardwalk, a smaller off the beaten track venue, pretty packed with everyone anxiously awaiting local favourites The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles waiting to take the stage.

With 11 members, they aren’t a group to be messed with. Combining cello, sax, violin, flute, drums, and bass they have created an urban sound that is both new and refreshing. With one male vocalist, Vexation, and three female vocalists, Vicky, Rowena and Sarah each track sounds completely different.

As they kick into the track Dogface, and Vexation joins his band mates on stage, not a single person in the crowd is standing still and everyone knows that they are bearing witness to something special, and a group that is destined for greatness. As they kick through their set giving the crowd a combination of both old and new tunes you can feel the variation and see how every individual member plays a key role and has a voice in the end product; quite a feat for an ever growing 11 piece act.

The best part about The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles is their modesty. As Vexation wraps up the 2nd of the 2 tracks he contributed vocals for that evening, he not only thanks the crowd, but thanks their opening act Hey Sholay, claiming that they should have been opening for them. It’s the genuine gratitude for the crowd and support that brings a smile to your face and makes what you’ve just witnessed even better.

For more information on The Legend of The 7 Black Tentacles you can check out or you can try their website

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