Zee reviews Stealing Green at Purple Turtle, Jan 31st, 2009

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Stealing Green at Purple Turtle, Jan 31st, 2009




Although the band name might suggest a connection of a hippyish nature, musically Stealing Green is nothing like that. Headlining a night of a heavier calibre, these guys provide solid rock sound and attitude far too serious for what you’d expect from Camden area, being it daytime. But it is Purple Turtle, the alternative creature dwelling on a side road, and they get it going.

Stealing Green benefit from a charismatic leader who actually can sing, though during the loudest parts a listener is left longing for some additional support from more backing vocals, execution of which is currently assigned to the drummer alone. Bravo, Jovan “The Reverend” Pavlicevic, you do it well!

The other strength worth mentioning is the ability to lead the audience into a mellower, more melodic mood after rocking their socks off. Intimacy on stage is a hard thing to master, and Tane Welham, (vocals) has definitely got that under his belt. Which could not be said about the others on the frontline, as they seemed to be absolutely enigmatic (to an extent of being described as indifferent) not only to the publics, but to each other as well. On the bright side – we don’t normally see many bands playing this tight with such a show offish lack of communication.

To sum up, well-arranged songs, Coldplay-esque rhythm section, typical Brit rock male vocals, a wee bit too polished guitar riffs, variety within a set just long enough to drain you pint, cool looking guys (who’d be even cooler if they’d let loose), amazingly controlled sound on-stage – Stealing Green are far better than your usual London pub-circuit band. Your girlfriend would love them.

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