An Interview with The Mexicolas

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An Interview with The Mexicolas

The mexicolas are 3 great guys from Birmingham.
Lead singer/guitarist Jamie Evans, drummer Tim Trotter, and new addition Delbertini Freschianti on bass.
Boasting a raw edge which seemingly draws on influences from early Nirvana and Foo Fighters,
The Mexicolas present an infectious concoction of passionate ballads and inventive, majestic rock.

Interview answered by singer / guitarist Jamie Evans
While Del and Tim make dinner and finish the BIG pile of Ironing…

Firstly how did you guys meet and how many of you are in the band?

There are 3 of us in The Mexicolas and oddly enough Tim our drummer & myself met Delbertini in a phone box while he was placing an advert in NME seeking a band to join on Bass. Tim and I have known each other while playing in other bands over the last few years.

It’s a cool name but what made you guys come up with the name The Mexicolas?

The name came off a flight ticket while out in the US and read; LA-Mexico outbound and Mexico-LA inbound
The flight number was Mexico/LAs111 we decided it will do for now having pondered on 100’s of very wacky other names.

Describe your style in music, who do you sound like?

Indies que Rock would be a good starting point, although honest believable lyrics are something I feel very passionate about always doing while writing any of my songs.

Who in the music industry influenced you the most when you were growing up?

Any great songwriters and people who always deliver their songs without compromise and always from the heart. Jeff Buckley, Kurt Cobain, (I could write so many)

Do you write your own songs and which one is your favourite?

I write pretty much all of The Mexicolas songs and always write from experiences in my life, writing from experience makes performing each while live always sound honest& believable. My favourite song is always the current one that I’m working on, although Times Infinity and Come Clean are pretty special to me.

Where have you played your gigs and do you have a favourite venue?

We have played pretty much every industry sweatshop and dustbin throughout the country at some point in my music career and can get a buzz pretty much performing anywhere to be honest. The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town is one of my personal favourites to be honest and just so happens we are back there on the 10th Oct.

Can you let us in on any secrets as to what the future holds for your band?

Just recording our debut album and then will be releasing 2 or 3 songs off it prior to the album release. We hope to tour both here and in the US early in the New Year.

What are your dreams of the future for the band?

To keep enjoying doing what I do and to be happy, World domination would just be the icing on the cake and just a bonus.

Are you working at the moment on an album or single at the moment?

Question 7 pretty much sums this answer up. We have however also recently finished a Channel 4 short documentary for their 4Play music series which was awesome making and we are also shooting a further music video for one of our songs.

Any last words would you like to tell us.

Yes, Del our Bass player does a spot of Penis Puppetry in his spare time and is often coming up with new shapes apparently when he is inspired. Tim and I prefer to take no notice and stick to our own hobby of Late night night BIRD appreciation spotting in the City centre.
The Mexicolas

Thank you Jamie for taking the time for letting me interview you, and wish you all the best in the future.
We look forward to hearing The Mexicolas on the radio and on TV…

I hope the boys cooked you a great meal and finished the ironing…
Next time they can do mine as well…

Here their music on………….

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