Bar Rumba Review

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Autumn reviews Bar Rumba London

Bar Rumba Review




Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftsbury Avenue, London, W1D 7EP 020 7287 6933

The small, unassuming exterior of this club correctly suggests a small interior. A small interior, which, happily, is more cosy than claustrophobic. The intimate atmosphere is thoughtfully created by candles on tables and red electric lanterns on walls. The purple and deep red walls also contribute to the invitingly autumnal ambience. Even the aroma is warming, thanks to the presenceof incense sticks emitting spicy yet comforting smells.

If the environment encourages you to get cosy with your companions, there are a few diner-style booths complete with high-backed seats the colour of claret to compliment the rest of the décor. The rest of the seating consists of browncorner sofas, high tables and chairs and bar stools. There is, of course, a designated dance floor, to the side of the stairs leading into the club, but to start off with, most people have a bop by the seats, careful not to wander too far from the general bar area.

The tempo of the music is certainly worth bopping to. Saturday nights are urban music nights, which means a vocal DJ plays a balanced mixture of reggae and mainstream R&B/Hip Hop from crowd-pleasers such as Beyonce, 50 Cent and even Britney.

The loos are surprisingly clean and working, which is probably why the ladies’ is periodically invaded by groups of girls storming in on their high heels, declaring, “Oh God, I’ve got to sit down.” Yet, there is never a long cue for the actual cubicles, as most people, including me, settle for standing beside the toilet attendant, staring into the mirror and needlessly reapplying make-up.

In addition to all the usual suspects, the bar also serves a good selection of cocktail shots and classic cocktails at prices relatively normal for right in the middle of the West End. However, I was denied my first choice of cocktail-a White Russian-as the bar had run out of a crucial ingredient. So I forced down a Cosmopolitan instead. To be fair, it warmed me up until I matched my surroundings and got me bopping along with the best of them.

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