Maria reviews Paris Hilton – Paris

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Maria reviews Paris Hilton – Paris



When a beautiful heiress decides she would like to release an album, the public are keen to find out if she has any real talent. Some already have an opinion: that she’s a spoilt little madam who can’t sing and is only recording an album because she’s bored. Unfortunately, because of who she is, Paris may have a hard time collecting music fans.
Paris features on the cover of her album and she looks stunning. She obviously has model looks but can her album deliver?

The first track is called ‘Turn It Up’ and here she’s quick to project a sexy image for the first thing she sings is ‘That’s hot’ in a sultry voice trying to sound like Britney Spears. The lyrics are blatantly sexual with lines such as ‘When I lose my clothes’ and ‘Gonna make me scream’. The next track (Fightin’ Over Me) is also full of sexual references because she sings ‘I’m so sexy’ and ‘I’m hot to death’. One wants to laugh at this stage because it’s just all too much. Paris seems to be drawn to songs that are all about sex like a moth to a flame. Even in her hit song ‘Stars Are Blind’ which is a gentle reggae song, she hints at the promise of sex with the phrase ‘could get physical’ and the line ‘I can make it nice and naughty’.

Paris has a gentle voice that works very well on the reggae track, but generally is too weak for a whole album of songs. She can sing in tune, but there’s no power in her voice as she lacks a vocal range. Paris sings without real passion and emotion which a good solo artist should have.

‘I Want You’ is a dance track with a few bars from the musical ‘Grease’ playing in the background and constant police sirens wailing. For these reasons it is an annoying track but there are others which are also irritating including ’Turn You On’ which Paris sings in a breathless, sultry way. Once again there are blatant sexual references such as ‘Sexy and you know it’ and ‘Don’t get excited baby/’Cos I might turn you on’. When she sings ‘Take a cold shower when you get home’ it gets really cringe- worthy.

Her final song on the album is Rod Stewart’s ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy’. The song is too good to kill and Paris’ version is passable. The song even has a nice oriental twang to it which gives it an original twist.

However, if Paris wants to release another album, she’ll get more fans if she focusses less on sexy songs and perhaps teams up with another vocalist who has a stronger and more passionate voice.

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