Rach reviews Filo & Peri Featuring Eric Lumiere ‘Anthem’

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One of the biggest records to play on the dance circuit this year was ‘Anthem’ and is set to become the sound track for New Years Eve 2007. Already the album released by Positiva records has hit number 88 in the digital download charts within two days and this is impressive considering as the album isn’t fully released until next week! Not only is this track a superb summer-ambiance filled track, but it has been played by some of the top DJ’s around the world – including Paul van Dyke, Tiesto and Judge Jules.

From the moment this album begins the tune hits you and lifts your spirits if you’re feeling blue, but enhances them if you’re feeling upbeat. The tune itself is beautifully written. The vocals are hauntingly familiar and the lyrics are so inspiring and memorable that it would be hard not to fall in love with this song. ‘This is an anthem for the girl that got away, this is an anthem for the world of yesterday. This is an anthem for a rebel of my youth. This is an anthem for the risk of loving you.’

This album contains eight re-mixes of the Anthem – each adding a different interpretation to the tune. All feature some stonking danceable rhythms and thumping bass lines. My favourites have to be the first track, which is the radio edit, and John Callahan’s remix – where the carefully wrought synths and drum beats dissipate to leave you with a shimmering vocal and acoustic arrangement. It is at that point when the words shine through the dance track to leave you with a feeling like when the sunshine breaks through the clouds on a summer’s afternoon.

It’s refreshing to have an opportunity to listen to a whole album based on a single theme and even more exciting to hear how different the tracks are despite using the same material. None of them sound then same. Talla’s Pick of Destiny Remix is a slightly more heavier, trance-ier version where as the Thomas Gold Remix is more of a cross between drum-and-bass stylee and computer game sounds. Each mix has been given equal care and attention and all have been well produced. The sound quality is excellent giving an excellent polished sound to this well brought together album.

No doubt I will be out and about on New Years Eve, as I’m sure many of you will too, if you are make sure you keep an ear out for ‘Anthem’ – it is a great party piece and as Positiva Records describe it – it’s ‘the biggest hands-in-the-air ‘strumdown’ this side of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’’. Keep listening!

‘Anthem’ will be available for general release on 17th December 2007! Available to pre-order now!!!

For more information go to:
www.postiviarecords.com or

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