Zee reviews Emerald – Master I Am

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Master I Am is a celebration of proper classic (or vintage, as they describe it) rock that track after track keeps pouring out of this super dynamic and tight, multi-national five-piece, whose musical craftsmanship lies in the hands of the drummer Thomas Maher. And an extraordinary work he does indeed, producing tunes that have a true capacity of doing perfectly well on a big stage of any high-up rock sanctuary. Tracks like Overkill, as well as Freedom Of Desire, seem to have that magic quality any songwriter would trade his soul in for – it’s the music itself that voices the title, not the lyrics.

The album benefits from the feel of togetherness, despite the few soft rock tracks that have “slipped in”. Like, Broken – had it been vocalized by a female singer, we might call it pop, but the salvation comes masculine, rawer emotions emerging via the lips of Brazilian Yvan Silva. Another angle of his capabilities can be admired in Overkill – rapid, Bono-ish phrasing, plus roughness that leads to the very edge of “loosing it”, all smoothened out just a line later.

Generally speaking, Master I Am isn’t for those listening out for catchy vocal licks – that privilege usually belongs to the lead guitar, who’s solos are flowing, melodic, organically progressive, plus executed passionately and with technical brilliance.

As a unity, Master I Am transmits energy, angst and gravity, and very formulated music that toys with the idea of being progressive but never really crosses that dangerous line, staying true to its true admirer.

Which makes Help Me Believe into a pearl as it’s the most surprising track: after three quarters of a Bon Jovi-like backing topped with your typical laid back male vocals used in order to match the softness of the instrumentation, you’d never expect it to turn into that strong, dramatic, rock-operatic extended closure that could compliment a soundtrack of a quality action film.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/emeraldrock

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