An Interview with The Mexicolas

An Interview with The Mexicolas The mexicolas are 3 great guys from Birmingham. Lead singer/guitarist Jamie Evans, drummer Tim Trotter, and new addition Delbertini Freschianti on bass. Boasting a raw edge which seemingly draws on influences from early Nirvana and Foo Fighters, The Mexicolas present an infectious concoction of passionate ballads and inventive, majestic rock. […]

Bar Rumba Review

Autumn reviews Bar Rumba London Bar Rumba Review       Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftsbury Avenue, London, W1D 7EP 020 7287 6933 The small, unassuming exterior of this club correctly suggests a small interior. A small interior, which, happily, is more cosy than claustrophobic. The intimate atmosphere is thoughtfully created by candles on tables and […]

Autumn interviews Mistula

Mistula Interview     Mistula is the Philippines’ first virtual band; all four members are dolls. Mistula’s latest track is Pista ng Patay (Feast Day of the Dead). Find out more about the band at the official website, 1) How would you describe your music? LUGOSI: I would say it’s… “fluid”. It constantly shapes […]

Rach reviews The Young Punx – ‘Your Music Is Killing Me’ Album Review

The Young Punx – ‘Your Music Is Killing Me’ Album Review     I have a confession to make. When The Young Punx album ‘Your Music Is Killing Me’ arrived on my doorstep I must admit I was a little adamant about putting it on the stereo. Will a full rota of music students to […]

Rach’s Interview With The Popes of Chillitown

Rach’s Interview With The Popes of Chillitown     How did the band come about? Rishi (Sour Pope): Oz and I went to Nottingham Uni together and we began jamming together and experimenting with a bit of song-writing. The band went on from there really. The name is slightly bizarre, how did you decide on […]

The Popes of Chillitown

Live Gig Review: The Popes of Chillitown 3rd of November – Headline Slot for Oxjam Edwards Bar, Hammersmith     There are certain venues when you just walk through the door and think – yeah this is going to be a good gig. There are others where you think – ah, …ok… The Edwards Bar […]

Rach reviews Filo & Peri Featuring Eric Lumiere ‘Anthem’

One of the biggest records to play on the dance circuit this year was ‘Anthem’ and is set to become the sound track for New Years Eve 2007. Already the album released by Positiva records has hit number 88 in the digital download charts within two days and this is impressive considering as the album […]

Zee reviews Emerald – Master I Am

Master I Am is a celebration of proper classic (or vintage, as they describe it) rock that track after track keeps pouring out of this super dynamic and tight, multi-national five-piece, whose musical craftsmanship lies in the hands of the drummer Thomas Maher. And an extraordinary work he does indeed, producing tunes that have a […]

Chris Pickering Reviews Voodoo Trombone Quartet, Vibe Bar

Gig Review – Voodoo Trombone Quartet, Vibe Bar   You may not have heard of Paul Thorpe – but there’s a good chance you’ll have heard his music. His creations have been used as the theme tunes for MTV’s The Paper, Nemone’s slot on BBC 6Music and Radio 4’s The Thing Show. If that wasn’t […]

Chris reviews Hard Fi, Once Upon a Time in the West

Back in 2005, Hard Fi rocked the suburbs with their debut album ‘Stars of CCTV’. It has taken them two years to finalise the follow up, but now it is upon us. The question is, will ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ turn out to be the difficult second album? First impressions are that […]