Private Malmø Tour

The biggest square in Malmo is called Stortorget, which appropriately means Big Square. Behind Stortorget is Lilletorget, or Little Square, where you can find a selection of Malmo’s most popular restaurants. The square has a Parisian feel to it, as many of the restaurants have tables outside, where you can sit and watch the world pass by. There are also some historic buildings on Lilletorget, and a vintage telephone box. Malmohuset is one of the oldest buildings in Malmo. The present Malmohus was built in the 1530s, and between 1568 and 1573 was home to James Hepburn, the 3rd husband of Mary Queen of Scots, who was held prisoner there.The Turning Torso is the tallest building in Scandinavia at 190 meters or 623ft. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and opened on the 27th of August 2005. Buy here

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